Advantages of Walletpoll over Traditional Polling

Open to Everyone

You don't have to be hand picked by a polling company to participate in a poll.

Hard to manipulate

Since purchases are connected to an opinion, it will be hard to manipulate.

Revenue for media

Unlike traditional polls, Walletpoll helps to generate revenue through the engagement of their readers.

Level playing field

Opposing sides of an issue can participate in the same poll. No more pundits from different sides of an issue using their pet polls to prove their point leaving readers wondering how the results were derived.


Everyone has access to the anonymized aggregate data for free. It makes Walletpoll accountable to the general public thus breeding trust.

More data points

Displaying the realtime polling data to people on different sides of an issue can result in higher engagement that can lead to significantly higher number of data points.


Since Walletpoll is not being paid by any organization to conduct the polls, the bias associated with the traditional polling business model is eliminated


Asking consumers to answer a single poll question alongside a purchase is more convenient and cost effective than existing data gathering methods.

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