Frequent Questions

Are you charging people for expressing their opinion?

No. We're giving people the ability to express bite sized opinions about important topics while taking advantage of a great deal. We believe collecting opinions alongside purchases is more efficient than interrupting people with a hundred poll questions. Checkout the Advantages section to see all the reasons why we believe WalletPoll is superior to traditional polling.

What type of products will be featured on the site?

We plan to have consumer products that appeal to every demographic. Once we expand the available products for sale beyond the Product of the Day, opinions from a wider number of demographics can be collected.

What is WalletPoll's privacy policy? How will you prevent hackers or government agencies from connecting "controversial opinions" with specific polltakers?"

We do not sell your info to anyone. We believe the best way to prevent anyone from getting their hands on sensitive info is not to have it in the first place. After a purchase has been completed, we will automatically delete sensitive opinion information, so it cannot be stolen. We are building the system in a way that prevents even us from connecting controversial opinions to specific customers.

What if a consumer isn't interested in the product of the day—is there still a way to share their opinion?

To ensure the polls cannot be manipulated, opinions will only be collected alongside a purchase. If a consumer isn’t interested in the product of the day, previously featured products will be available at their regular price elsewhere on the site. Post-launch, we plan to significantly expand the available products.

How do we know WalletPoll isn't manipulating the results?

We'll give read-only audit access to four prominent figures, evenly split between the two parties. We'll solicit the public's opinion on this panel.

What topics will WalletPoll poll on?

We will start with the approval rating of the President. Eventually, we will expand to other areas, such as sports, movies, etc.

What is WalletPoll's return policy?

All sales are final. If returns are allowed, we will have to retain sensitive polling data to maintain the integrity of the polls which would compromise the privacy of the customers.