Letter from the Founder


My name is Jinson Jose and I am the founder of WalletPoll. Born and raised in the dictatorship country of Libya, I was conditioned to stay away from anything related to politics. After immigrating to the United States nearly twenty years ago and gaining my citizenship, I still wanted nothing to do with politics. So why would I start a company aiming to provide every person a platform to express their opinion about their president in one of the most challenging times in the history of this country? Let me offer you some insight into WalletPoll’s founding, and why I chose to step into the lion’s den.


Leading up to the 2016 election, I was surrounded by conversations and commentary about how awful polling is and how the numbers are always skewed to fit the ideology of the outlet using the data. All people did was complain without offering a solution, so in my frustration and with a sense of humor, TrumpHeroOrVillain.com was created. The site showed pro and anti- Trump products side-by-side with real-time sales numbers displayed to show which side was “winning”. I didn’t have any intention to dabble in polling alternatives after the election, but this exercise opened my eyes to the massive flaws in traditional polling. The lack of faith the American population had in traditional polling became quite clear, as Trump was elected despite traditional polling data predicting a much different outcome.

In Spite of my disinterest in politics, the problem kept gnawing at my mental faculties for a solution. Could there be a way to collect raw, unbiased data that provides a complete picture of the population?

Even after I came up with the WalletPoll concept, I treated it as a mental exercise. Overtime, the realization of the positive impact WalletPoll could have on society stirred a passion in me to make it a reality. Slowly but steadily, a broader vision for WalletPoll was birthed and a passion to positively impact broader society led me to start WalletPoll.

So why start with rating the president? Frankly it's a small homage to the original idea that led me down this path. Additionally, commerce is the life blood of the nation and decisions made by the highest office in the country will be reflected in it. Hence, it’s fitting to allow citizens to express their opinions through commerce itself.

Broader Vision for WalletPoll

What we see in media is a sensationalized version of reality driven by monetization and audience size. This consciously and subconsciously affects headlines and content. While the polling possibilities are endless from politics to sports to movies etc., WalletPoll will be more than just questions and answers on divisive topics. It's a place where opposing sides can unite to discover common truths, where controversy drives bargains and bite-size opinions make a clearer image than traditional polling.

In our modern society, everyone has to buy something. My hope is the idea of collecting bite-size opinions alongside purchases will expand beyond the confines of WalletPoll and become a normal part of the purchase process both online and offline. This blend of polling and ecommerce allows us to access more data points, nuances and details to paint a truer picture of the country. It will also quantify the opinions of large cross-sections of people about important issues in a way that will increase the engagement in the political process. This quantification of opinions will keep elected officials accountable which could positively impact public policy. WalletPoll is taking the transactional nature of ecommerce and using it to affect positive, transformational change, all while keeping your information safe.


A person’s honest feeling about the highest office in the country is an extremely private information. As a company, transparency is extremely important for us, however it will always take a backseat to the privacy of our customers. To that end, we automatically delete all sensitive opinions linked to the individual, because the best way to protect sensitive information is to not store it in the first place.

WalletPoll is the beginning of a new era in polling, a beginning of a new political conversation surrounding action and truth, a new way of thinking expressed when one puts their money where their opinion is, and where truth in commerce via a single click can answer questions that have not been answered honestly for decades.