A BIG Opportunity for Media

Mainstream and Independent
WalletPoll will generate revenue for you with a single click.

The gold rush era of internet ads is over, and users are less likely to view or click on online ads especially when accessing it from a mobile device. The WalletPoll plugin, which shows real-time results tied to president's approval rating and other controversial topics, is far more compelling and as a result would elicit more responses. And of course, every time users interact with the plugin, and purchase an item, you'll receive revenue.

Monetize on wider range of products.

Do you typically sell a single type of product through your site? Whether it's local gear or political bumper stickers, WalletPoll makes it easy to break out of your niche. With WalletPoll, where products change daily and eventually even hourly, you can offer a wider range of desirable items for purchases which could result in a more reliable and consistent revenue stream.

A new way to find out users' opinions:

Instead of paying for polling data, WalletPoll generates real-time data on what your users think, from their opinions on the president's latest Twitter posting to other news of the day. Not only is this valuable insight, but it's also a revenue driver (as people purchase products) rather than being a service you need to pay for.

Revenue for a Year:

Media launch partners get affiliate commissions for an entire year for one-time referrals of new WalletPoll customers.

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